Mother Earth Customer Quotes

    • “The 2 Solatubes really brightened a couple dark areas in our home! We seldom need to use electricity there anymore—and it makes the home environment more cheerful. The installers were very polite and did a great job. Thanks!” – Jeffery from Bellevue, WA


    • “I am so thrilled with the amount of light we are getting now. So thrilled! We use to have to turn on light even during the sunny summer months. It’s still winter and we can now see without lights. I love my Solatubes!” – Lori from Sammamish, WA


  • “I LOVE these!! – Can’t believe what a difference they have made. I purchased 2 Solatubes. 1 for my bathroom & 1 for the pantry. In both places I always needed to turn on a light when entering during the day. Now both have so much light & it’s Oct. Can’t wait to see how light it will be come spring. Vlad did a great job on the install. Very courteous & was very careful to minimize the mess. Even vacuumed both rooms after he was done. I wish all the contractors I used during the remodel were this respectful of my house and left the area this clean.” – Sandra from Monroe, WA

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